Disability Resources Can Offer Guidance When Applying For Jobs

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Having a physical or emotional disability can make you fearful when it comes to finding work. The right information and tools can help you not only secure a great job, but give you the confidence in knowing that you have the right to be treated like everyone else. Learn how you can use the following resources when you want to find a career you can love.

You can (and should) use disability resources before you even begin looking for work. These tools allow you to see just what rights you have in any type of working environment. You can speak to a professional agent who works in human rights to see just what regulations any potential employer has to follow regarding your needs. Establishments should have handrails and wheelchair ramps to make getting in and out of the building easier, for example. Depending on the work required, information can also reveal whether you have the right to sit for long periods of time or take more breaks than allowed while on the clock due to your physical or emotional abilities. If you have restrictions, tools can help you find out if they can keep you from working or not.

Another thing that disability resources can do for you is in helping you be educated on the rights of your employer when it comes to having you in their employ. Your boss does have the right to expect you to perform regular tasks with or without assistance, and can have consequences for you if you miss a scheduled shift without calling them first. You should know just where your career begins and your disability ends so that you can work at your very best and help your employer feel confident in giving you a great career.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against due to your physical or emotional differences, you should not sit idle and do nothing about it. Record any instances in which you feel you were mistreated while at work (or even in an interview), including the date, time, and who was involved in the incident. Disability resources and personnel can further instruct you as to what you should do in case discrimination is something you have to face in the workplace.

Not only are there many resources available to you to help you secure a great career, there are tools to help you find the perfect type of work that you can do with your unique abilities. If you fear you are unable to work at all due to your disability issues, use these tools to help you. Staff specially trained to assist people in finding reliable work are more than happy to help you land a terrific job that you can feel great about.

Just because you are different doesn’t mean you are not able to support yourself financially. Use the many informative outlets that are available to you to help you get a job, keep your job, and recognize your rights as a person with disabilities. You don’t have to remain silent and worry about how you are going to take care of yourself. Stand strong and take control of your life by using the help that is ready for you. You just may find yourself more independent than you ever thought you could be.


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