How to Interview Rehabilitation Facilities

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If you or a loved one needs the services of a rehabilitation facility, then it is smart to do a little research to find the right one. They each have different strengths, such as staff with various specialties and achievements and differing treatment methodologies for their programs. Common sense dictates that it is good to speak to your doctor about what exactly need to be accomplished through rehab, and then find the facility that can best obtain that goal.

Make a short list

A good first step is to narrow down the list of rehabilitation facility options, so the search can be targeted. Keep in mind that there are a number of facilities around the United States. It could be good to put extra weight on those close to a place for family members to live during the rehab. It might be necessary to send the patient to a city other than their residence, but family support is often helpful for a good recovery. It is also likely important that the facility is covered under your insurance. There is no reason taking the time to interview if a payment plan can not be arranged.

Determine experience

Once the short list is finalized, each rehabilitation facility candidate should be asked about their experience. Ask for examples of how well have they served others with the specific rehabilitation need in the past and how successful they were. Pay attention to how many specialists in that area are on staff. Check on the state of any rehab equipment needed for recovery. If they have an excellent workout area in a clean and updated room, it is likely the same attention will be put into the patient treatment and rehabilitation. The rooms should also be designed with plenty of empty space for ease of movement and with safety features than can help mobility, such as grab bars and space for a wheelchair.

Prove accreditation

While a rehabilitation facility that is not accredited might be able to offer good care, it is better if they have gone through the vetting process. The organization overseeing accreditation will be sure that the facility has the best standard of care for the recovery program they provide. Only exceptional programs are allowed and kept, so it is an easy way to be sure of the overall quality and dedication of the facility. Ask to see proof of the approval, and do a little research to verify its validity.

Review the staff specialties

The best facility will have a number of the necessary specialists for recovery. However, it is equally important to have a balance of other support staff, since the surgeons and specialized doctors aren’t the only ones that help with healing and rehabilitation. For instance, a good portion of success in a rehabilitation facility is overcoming depression and mental obstacles. Check for a qualified mental health specialist on staff that will meet with the patient regularly. Qualified nurses, and physical and occupational therapists are also necessary to the overall success of any rehab experience. Some medical professionals believe that it takes a overall varied and qualified team for the best rehabilitation success.

Remember to check with your doctor before starting any treatment or medical remedy.


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